Monday, September 17, 2012

25 Must-Have iPad Apps for Digital Photography - Kindle Non-Fiction

25 Must-Have iPad Apps for Digital Photography 
by Nancy Hendrickson 

If you've ever been frustrated that your digital photography techniques haven't resulted in pictures with a WOW factor, this book can change all that.

With more than four dozen, full-color examples of what can be accomplished with an iPad (or iPhone) and inexpensive or free apps, the book has something for all skill levels. Whether you're looking for an app that can transform a so-so images into a masterpiece in a single tap, or one that rivals high-end software, you'll find it here.

Discover the app that sets an image in motion with a radial blur, or the one that recovers original colors from a badly faded old photo. Learn about the iPad app that batch converts image size and resolution or the one that allows you to selectively apply saturation to any part of a picture.

Want to share photos with friends and family? Read about the app that creates a stunning slideshow complete with music, extensive transitions and professional-looking effects.

On vacation and want to capture that "golden hour" when the light is magical? Read about the free app that notifies you when the time for the best light is approaching.

25 Must-Have iPad Apps for Digital Photography is written in easy-to-understand language by an amateur photographer whose work has appeared in Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, Family Tree Magazine, Faces, and Travelog magazines.

Use an iPhone instead of iPad? This guide is for you too as all but two of the apps are also available for the iPhone.


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