Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Something to Live For by Natalie Owens

Something to Live For
by Natalie Owens

Take two disparate individuals, living on the same island, who have never met and have no reason to think they might meet, both with painful anniversaries-on the same date of the year. Mix these two into the cauldron of a special matchmaking concern, and arrange for them to “meet” for one evening and night. Sounds simple, but the recipe creates a complex and winning story line, not to be missed.
A quite delightful, sensual, heart-touching short story, “Something to Live For” is very well-written, and strums the reader’s heartstrings and senses. Delicately cast into a frame with frissons of the Supernatural, this short story will have appeal to many types of readers, as it did to me. Ms. Owens has an intriguing touch with the aspects of characterization, plotting, and setting imagery; I’m quite eager to read more from her. 5 Stars

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