Friday, April 6, 2012

The 40 Most Interesting Czech WWII Bunkers - Free Kindle Book

Soon after Adolf Hitler had risen to power in Germany, the fear of another war loomed over Europe. The Nazi leader made it clear that he had territorial claims on Czechoslovakia, a neighboring country. The government of Czechoslovakia ordered the building of a border fortification line. The fortification consisted of thousands of bunkers of various types. The idea behind this project was to slow down a German military invasion until Czechoslovak allies, France and Great Britain, would come to help. This never happened, and not many of these bunkers ever saw combat action.

Today, there are still thousands of bunkers from 1930s in the Czech Republic. Many of them are repaired and maintained by volunteers who spare no effort, time, or money to preserve this piece of Czech history. This guide introduces forty of perhaps the most interesting Czech bunkers.

It is our hope that this book might not only inspire the reader’s interest in history, but that it also might inspire the reader to visit at least some of the places mentioned. Most are in the beautiful Czech countryside, and a trip would really be worth it.


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